Otto West Linn's Therapy Dog

Otto, the City of West Linn Library dog, brought joy to many in the West Linn community and beyond.

Otto the Library Dog passed away on March 9, 2023. Over his short life, he had a profound effect on the City of West Linn. His Mom, Library Operations Supervisor Melanie Nelson, brought him to the West Linn Library at the tender age of 8 weeks with the idea that he would become a central part of outreach for young patrons, helping with the ever increasing demand for our Tales to Tails program where children practice reading to registered Pet Partners therapy dogs in the children’s area of the library.

Otto became much more than that and from his first days with us, he melted our hearts with his loving personality. As a little puppy he would wedge himself into the smallest of places and lay in the most peculiar positions, which seemed to bring him great joy. He always knew when someone was snacking and would seek them out, hoping patiently and sometimes with a gentle paw to remind them he was there in hopes they would share food with him. As he began to grow to his full size, you could find him roaming and relaxing in the staff area of the library, often sleeping on his back with his legs straight up without a care in the world. As carts full of books would approach, he would just look at you until you gently told him to move a bit, then he would lumber a few steps and plop himself down which always amused everyone with the large thump it would make.

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